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Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions I that I get asked.

Wedding Photography Questions

Wedding Photography related questions are answered in this category. Please click on the questions to see my answers

As soon as you can before your wedding day preferanbly 1 week prior to the wedding

Please note that I do not start work on your wedding photos until full payment has been confirmed.

If you want to confirm a date, you need to pay a 50% deposit and send me your completed service agreement.

If you indicate interest in a date I will pencil your name in. If somebody else wants to book me for the same date, I'll let you know and give you first right of refusal for three days.


You can contact me with special requests and I will try to accomodate you.

If you really want to pay less, get another photographer :-)
Also know this - a cheap wedding photographer will most probably not make use of professional equipment and software, will not have backup equipment and will not give TLC to each and every one of your precious wedding memories. If you still have any queries come and see me and I will discuss with you in detail how we've arrived at the prices we charge.

Schedule your wedding so that we'll have at least an hour and a half for your couple and wedding party photo shoot before the sun sets. Please contact me before you fix your wedding day timelines so that we can work out a schedule that suits you and will help me give you the photos that you desire.

The sooner the better.

These days 6 months is about the minimum lead time for bookings. Anything closer thant that to your wedding
date and you are running the risk of not getting your photographer of choice.


Preferably locate our seating near a wall plug in case we need to charge a battery or power backup storage units etc. and with enough space to park our equipment. If you want us out of the way, please note that you'll then have to make sure that we know when to shoot what part of your reception.

Normally within 6 to 8 weeks after your wedding.

Studio Photography Questions

Studio Photography related questions are answered in this category. Please click on the questions to see my answers

We use profesional Elinchrom studio strobes and triggers. Reflectors and lightng accesories enable us to employ creative and dramatic lighting effects.
A variety of props and a selection of backgrounds alow us to make your photoshoot unique.

We have selected a few backgrounds that are very versitile. These include Black, White, Grey, and Chromakey Green. With the use of profesional lighting techniques we can change the colour of the our background selections to any colour in the rainbow
The Chromakey Green background allows us to transpose any scenic backround using advanced Photoshop techniques.


We have portable studio equipment that we can set up at your location of choice

Normally within 1 to 3 weeks after your photoshoot.

General Questions

General questions are answered in this category. Please click on the questions to see my answers


I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for my normal workflow like colour correction etc, but also add my personal touch to every single photo.

I prefer families and newly weds to come and pick up their photos and/or album etc themselves.

That way I can make sure that you receive your order in good condition and that you are satisfied. I get a HUGE kick out of a satisfied customer, so please come and pick it up!

CDs and DVDs can be posted and albums can be couriered to you at an extra charge.


We are based in Florida (Roodepoort) and are willing to travel if given enough time to arrange it.
Please note that we do not drive more than 50km at night due to safety reasons, in which case I'll need to sleep over at the wedding venue or as close as possible.


We focus 100% on photography to make sure that you get the best images possible
We can however recomend a videographer that we have worked with before.

All of our wedding photography packages include a Photo SlideShow Movie DVD which we experiance that our clients find more entertaining than a formal video. Check out our YouTube Chanel for an example

I offer both traditional leatherbound wedding albums as well as story book wedding albums.

Please feel free to contact me if you require more information.

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